Dosing device 9Y103. Packing and cover's sealing devices KS.

Dosing device 9Y103.

Dosing device 9Y103 is intended for dosing into open plastic cup portions of the liquid foodstuffs such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and dressings.

The dosing device offers: volume dosing, drive: pneumocylinder ( compressed air, P = 3-5 bar ), volume of portions adjustable in the range of 100-1000 cm3, accuracy of portion is +/- 2-3 %. 

Cover’s sealing devices KS-1 and KS-2.

Cover’s sealing devices are used for cups with product sealing by welding on them covers from aluminium folium or laminated plastic paper on plastic cups with volume 100-1000 cm3.

Cover’s sealing devices KS-1 and KS-2 have ajustable welding temperature, time and pressure of heating head, device KS-1 is supplied with a drawer working table, device KS-2 is supplied with a carrousel working table.

Pneumatical drive (compressed air, P = 3-5 bar).

  9Y103 KS-1 KS-2
Productivity, portions / min 6...12 8 10
Capacity of heating head, kW     - 0,75 0,75
Volume of a portion, cm3 100...1000 - -
Mode of work automatic hand operated semi-automatic
Dimensions, mm:      
- length 250 300 530
- width 950 300 400
- height 300 400 460
Weight, kg 20 16 35

Packaging devices KS-9, KS-10 and KS-11.

Semi-automatic packaging devices are intended for packaging liquid foodstuffs such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and various dressings into plastic cups or correcs ( by 4 x 5 cups ) and sealing them with covers from aluminium folium.

Working mode: volume dosing, pneumatical drives (compressed air, P = 3-5 bar ), volume of portions adjustable in the range of 10-100 cm3, accuracy of portions are +/- 2-3 %. 

Packaging device works in semi-automatical mode. The filling of cups, covers placement on cups, cover's welding, table's working positions changing are performed automatically. The placement of cups in the cells on the working table, removing of the sealed cups with product are performed by the operator by hand.

Packaging devices have adjustable welding temperature, time and welding pressure of a heating head, and a speed of working table rotation.

  KS-9 KS-10 KS-11
Productivity, portions / min up to10 up to 6 up to 10
Capacity of heating head, kW          0,8                      0,5                    0,55                    
Volume of a portion, cm3 15 10-50 15-50
Volume of hopper, cm3 60 18 20
Dimensions, mm:      
- length 1200 800 800
- width 380 700 700
- height 550 700 700
Weight, kg 80 65 60

Devices may be equipped with a heating head with different shapes and a changeable working table for different cup sealing.


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