Disintegrators DESI-15, DESI-15/16C and DESI-15/16K.

Disintegrators are used for grinding of dry granulated and powdered unorganic materials such as salts, microfertilizers, catalists, fillers as well as polymers, and biological materials such as spices, dried berries, vegetables, milk, yeast, coffee beans, casein into powders with particles' size between 0.04-0.1mm.

Prerequisits for the initial material: hardness by Mohs up to 5-6, size of particles below 10 mm, moisture below 6 %.

Disintegrator DESI-15/16C is also used for the preparation of various suspensions and emulsions.

Disintegrator DESI-15/16K is used for grinding fresh and frosen berries, fruit and vegetables with particles' size of up to 20 mm.

Grinding units built on the basis of our disintegrators include feeding, dust removing, product transporting, offloading of the product as well as the necessary electrical equipment.

  DESI-15         DESI-15/16C DESI-15/16K
Max. capacity, kg / h 200-500    200-500 150-300
Installed power, kW 11 or 15 11 or 15 13,4 or 15
Diameter of working chamber, mm 450 600  450
Frequebcy of rotors' rotation, Hz 60...72

72 + 25-72

72 + 25-72
Diameter of rotors, mm 360 370 360
Overall number of rows with impact elements 4-6 4-8 4-8
Volume of feeding hopper / receiving container, dm3 40 40 50
Max. dimensions, mm:      
- length 1200 1200 1070
- width 1000 1120 1300
- height 1780 2400 2200
Max. weight, kg 430 450 430
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 105 105 105

Standart delivery of Disintegrator DESI-15/16C includes: a screw feeder with a hopper, an air bag filter, set of rotors, and a control board.

Standart delivery of Disintegrator DESI-15 includes: hopper, cyclone, an air bag filter, set of rotors, and a control board.

We also design and produce grinding lines built on the basis of our Disintegrators DESI-15 and DESI-15/16C. 


Desi 15 Desi 15/16KC Desi 15/16KC Desi 15/16KC Desi 15A Desi 15/16C Desi 15/16C Desi 15/16C Desi 15/16C Desi 15C Desi 15-16C Desi 15-16C liin DESI 15-16K eelpurustiga sisendpunkris ja metallipüüdjaga Desi 15