Drum mixers 4C4 and 4C6.

Drum mixers are intended for the preparation of homogeneous mixtures consisting of the multiple granulated or powdered materials such as fertilizers, building mixtures and so on. They can also be used for the averaging of the composition of batches of materials.

Prerequisites for the mixing material: particles' size of up to 20 mm, content of moisture up to 5 %.

Drum mixer has a horizontal rotation shaft, positioned at an angle to the axe of the drum ( housing ). Within the housing there are plates in order to involve the material in the rotation and to direct the material further and along the housing.

The components are loaded into the mixer through one of the hatches. After obtaining a homogeneous composition of the mixture, it is offloaded from the mixer through one of the hatches. The process may be repeated on another batch of material.

Mixing time is between 10-20 min. The non-uniformity of the prepared mixtures does not exceed 2-3 %.

  4C4 4C6
Volume of the drum, dm3 250 400
Power of electric motor, kW 2.2 2.2-3.0
Speed of drum's rotation, rpm 25 or 40 25 or 40
Max. dimensions, mm:    
- length 1400 1790
- width 1140 1400
- height 1130 1260
Max. weight, kg 250 450
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 70 80

Batch mixer 4C6
1. Housing  2. Shaft  3. Hook  4. Hatch  5. Funnel  6. Connecting channel
7. Fixator    8. Bearing    9. Motor – reductor   10. Frame   11. Protector


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