Double-spiral batch mixers.

Double-spiral batch mixers are used for the preparation of homogenious mixtures from dry powdered and granulated mineral materials such as fertiliers, rubber derivatives; biological materials such as spices, and others such as  polymers, bentonit. They can also be used for the averaging of the composition of batches of materials.

Mixer 4C11 ( volume 600 dm3 ) is used for mixing of suspensions, emulsions, and solutions.

Prerequisites for the components for dry mixtures: particles' size of up to 10 mm, content of moisture of up to 5 %, for liquid materials viscosity of up to 100 cSt.

The central part of the mixer consists of single- or double spirals, placed on a vertical shaft which rotates. 

The components are loaded into the mixer in order to achieve a homogeneous composition of the mixture. The material if offloaded from the mixer and the process may be repeated on another batch of material.

The non-uniformity of prepared mixtures does not exceed 2 - 3 %.

Mixing time up to 10-20 min.

  10С3 4C8 / 4C13 10C2
Volume of mixer, dm3 100 200 1200
Power of electric motor, kW 0,75 1,1 or 1,5 7,5
Speed of working body rotation, rpm 35 50 / 24 30-40
Number of spirals 1-2 1-2 2
Max. dimensions, mm:      
- diameter of mixing chamber 500 600 1370
- height 1310 1700 2450
Max. weight, kg 85 150 450
Sound level (at distance 1 m), dB 45 50 70

Mixer 10C3
spiraalsegisti joonis
1. Housing    2. Spiral    3., 10. Cover    4. Slader 

5. Motor  6. Reductor  7. Handles  8, 11. Fixator  

9. Feeding funnel   12. Frame


Segisti 10C3 Segisti 4C11 Kaksikspiraalne mikser 4C13